Events & messages

Finding the Events & messages page

Understanding the Events & messages page

Here we display a list of all messages between you and the professionals caring for you. This includes any documents that have been sent to you by your clinical teams, e.g. appointment letters, clinic letters, referrals, discharge summaries. Clinical events you may have had, e.g inpatient stays, outpatient visits, emergency visits, are also listed here. 

How do I send a message?

In the top right hand corner of the Events & Messages page, click ‘Send message’ and complete the form. This button is also available on the homepage.

Who can I message?

You can contact anyone who has access to your record. This includes:

How do I send a photo or video in PKB?

When sending a message, you can add a file (such as a document, photo or video) to the message as an attachment. This will then be sent to any participants in the message. 

To attach a file, click 'Add file' in the 'Attachments' section of the message. 

If using a computer, this will launch your computer drive where you can locate the photo or video you would like to attach. 

If using a mobile device, you will be given the option to pick an existing photo/video or to take a new one,  this will then be saved directly within the message and will not be stored locally on your mobile device.

You can add multiple attachments to the message, as long as the combined size of the files is less than 10GB for the first message in a thread. Multiple files can also be added to replies in a message thread as long as the combined size is below 100 MB. For more information on attachments, please click here

How do I start a consultation?

In the top right hand corner of the Events & Messages page, click ‘Start consultation’. For more information on consultations, please see the consultation help page

How do I record an event?

You are not able to record your own event, such as a GP visit or Inpatient visit. All events are created by the organisation caring for you. However, you can use the appointment functionality to record upcoming or past appointments.

How is the data displayed?

All events and messages display as a list, with each row in the list representing one documents, message thread or one event. The list displays in chronological order with the most recent event or message displayed at the top of the page. To read older messages, click on the '>' arrow at the bottom of the page, or “>>”  to view the oldest ones. 

Unread messages, documents or events are highlighted in green and white, so they are easy to find.

Each row will contain useful information such as the date of the latest message, the message subject and how many messages are in each thread. If there is a document or other attachment then a paperclip icon will be visible to the right of the row. 

A timeline will also display above the list of messages and events, so you can clearly see in which months you have had activity.

How do I open a message, document or event?

Clicking anywhere on the row will open it up so you can see the contents of the message, document or event.

How is the data displayed within a message thread?

Once a message thread is open, all messages will be displayed in chronological order with the oldest first. At the top of the thread the title, participants and privacy label are visible. Beside each message in the thread the name of the sender is shown. 

Files, e.g. documents, will be displayed inline in PKB or available to download. For more information on this please see our attachments page

To reply to a message click the 'reply' button below the thread, enter the text in the ‘reply’ box and click send. Files can be attached to messages by clicking ‘Add file’. PKB will automatically save the text you type as a draft if it is written but not sent.

Events and documents show the type of event or document in the header. Underneath further details and the document can be seen.

How can I change the privacy of a document, message or event? 

Open the message or event that you would like to change the privacy for. 

For messages, there is one privacy label for the whole thread. To change this, click on the ellipsis  (options menu depicted with three dots) on the header of the thread. Please note: participants in the message thread will always be able to see the thread even if the privacy label is changed to one they don’t have access to. 

For events and documents, there is a privacy label for each event in the thread. To change privacy, click on 'Edit' beside the privacy label of the event you want to change. Please note: Changing the privacy may result in some professionals and carers no longer being able to view the event or message. 

Can I delete a message?

Each message has a unique message id which can be provided to our support team for message deletion. This will remove only the message with that id from the conversation. 

How can I report an issue with an attached document?

If you are unable to open an attached document, click the “Report document error”. This will open a box containing advice on how to resolve the issue. 

If you still cannot open the document after following the suggestions, click the “Report” button. If you click the button before the document’s planned print date, a physical copy of the document will be posted to your address. If you click the button after the document’s planned print date, you will be directed to contact your organisation.

What happens when a professional I have messaged is no longer active? 

When a professional is deactivated from a team, we show the professional as deactivated in any message threads they were previously involved in so you are aware they are no longer active. 

Individual messaging

If a deactivated professional is the only professional in a message thread, we prevent any further replies to the thread and show a clear warning message to inform you that the professional has been deactivated.

Group messaging

If the deactivated professional is not the only participant in a thread with a patient, we display their name and deactivated status at the end of the participant list. You can still reply to others in the thread.