Organisation Administrator

What is an organisation administrator?

The organisation administrator is a user type in PKB. They are responsible for performing 4 key tasks for all patients within the organisation:

  • viewing patients that have missing demographics or identifiers and updating accordingly

  • checking for demographic mismatches between PKB and incoming HL7 feeds e.g. from the laboratory

  • managing their organisation network

  • view the code sets that their organisation are using

This role is usually held by a member of the data quality team.

How do I become an organisation administrator?

A member of the PKB success team has to set you up as an organisation administrator. For more information please see our Deploy site

Once registration is complete, you will need an existing member of your organisation to log in and out to fully activate your account.

How do I add missing demographics?

When you log in as an organisation administrator, you will be presented with a list of all patients who have missing demographics. Whatever is missing will be shown as an empty field so that you can complete it and press ‘Save’ to remove them from the list.

Patients will only appear on this tab if they are missing either the first name, surname, date of birth, postcode and at least one type of identifier.

How do I check for demographic mismatches?

The HL7 Review tab stores all HL7 messages sent by your org that have been queued due to a mismatch of patient demographics. For example, if an HL7 message is sent for a patient with the correct NHS number but the surname is misspelt, the message will be queued until the organisation administrator approves or rejects the message. The table on this tab will show what type of HL7 message is queued, when it was sent and the conflicting details.

How do I resolve demographic mismatches?

Select the check box beside the details and click the desired option at the bottom of the page. If you approve the message, it will update the patient record but if you reject the message, it will not update the patient record and will be removed from the HL7 review list.

How do I export the items listed on the HL7 review tab?

Click 'export CSV' to download a CSV of the list.

How do I manage organisation networks?

If the organisation is in a network, the Organisation network tab allows the organisation administrator to view a list of organisations within it and their current status.

Joining a network is a two way process

  • If the organisation is added to an existing network, the organisation administrator is responsible for approving entry into this network via this tab.

  • If the organisation is the lead of a network, they are responsible for activating other organisations once they have approved the invitation to join.

For more information on organisation networks, please click here

How do I download my organisation's HL7 codes?

Your organisation's list of HL7 codes can be accessed by clicking the Code Set tab.

Once here click 'Export CSV' to download a CSV file with your organisation's list of codes.

These values can change over time, so we would encourage all customers to check that this information is up to date and to remember to think of PKB as part of your internal change processes whenever these are modified.

This information is used by PKB to replace a code with a more user-friendly display string in the web interface, and to help assign the correct privacy label. The precise behaviour varies depending on the type of code set; please see our HL7 documentation for more information.

If you have any questions, or think that this information needs to be updated for your organisation, please get in touch.