Finding the Appointments screen

How can I add an appointment?

Click 'Add appointment' and then complete the form.

How can I edit an appointment?

Next to the appointment, click on the options menu (ellipsis) beside the result you wish to edit and click 'Edit'. '. You can add a status to an appointment of 'Did Not Attend' or 'Cancelled' when editing appointments. Please note, you can only edit appointments that you have added. If an appointment has been added by the team caring for you, they will have to change the appointment.

How can I delete an appointment?

Click on the options menu (ellipsis) beside the appointment you wish to delete and click 'Delete'. This option will only appear for appointments that you have added to the system yourself.

How can I change the privacy of an appointment?

Click on the options menu (ellipsis) beside the appointment you wish to edit the privacy label and select 'Change privacy'.. Note: changing the privacy may result in some professionals and carers no longer being able to view the appointment.

See Privacy labels for more details on what privacy labels are.

How can I see details on who added an appointment?

At the top of each appointment you will see the name of the user who added your appointment and an icon to represent what type of user they are:

  • Data from verified organisations & users will be represented by a medical institution icon

  • Data from patients, carers or professionals outside of PKB verified institutions will be represented by a person icon

  • Data from a device will be represented by a watch icon

If you click on the name of the user, a pop-up box will open with source information for that appointment which includes details on who sent the data, when they sent it and how.

How can I book a GP appointment?

Click on the 'Book GP appointment' button.

If you have not used the service before, you will need a registration letter from your GP to use this. Further information can be found on our GP online services help pages.

How can I cancel a GP appointment?

Click on 'Cancel' beside the appointment that you would like cancel. Once cancelled, the appointment will no longer appear on your Appointments page. For more information please see the GP online services page.