Finding Plans

How can I add a care plan template?

Click 'Add plan template' and complete the subsequent form. If you are happy with the template and want to make no further changes, click 'Make Active'. If you want to make changes to the template at a later date, and it is not ready to be used yet, then click 'Save Draft'

What should I use the green, amber and red boxes for?

Once you have finished with a plan, you have two options:

Can I edit an active template? 

When a template is created and made active it cannot be edited. If you need to make a change to an active template, you can click 'Duplicate' next to the template.  This will copy the plan into a new template for you  - because its a new template that has not been made active you can edit it. Once the copied template has been made active, it will no longer be editable, and again would have to be duplicated should you need to make changes.

What about symptoms/measurements/laboratory results?

Any symptom, measurement, or laboratory result that can be recorded in PKB can be included for tracking within a care plan. When a patient's record is updated, the data will automatically be populated in the care plan. 

How do I export data from a care plan?

From the plans page, click on 'Export' next to the plan name. Choose the professional who you want to receive the data and select 'Latest' or 'All', depending on your preference. Currently, both 'Latest' and 'All' exports show you the latest set of answers in the plan for each patient. When the export has completed, the professional will receive an email notification with a link to the 'Plans' tab.

Professionals can also export data from their team's plan templates. From the professional’s plans page,  click on the ‘Export plan' button, then  select which plan you wish to export and then select 'Latest' or 'All'. 

Please note that exporting the data may take a long time because the system decrypts each patient's account and harvests the data from all data sources.

Understanding the export

The exported spreadsheet contains data for patients with the same template. Each patient's data is in one row. The column headings are the headings of the fields in the template. The value in each cell is the latest value for that patient and that column. 

Although a coordinator can start off the export, only professionals can receive the data. 

How do I create a new care plan template?

To create a new care plan template, please contact PKB with a mock up of what you need the template to contain and we can create this for you.