How to add a patient to your team

Add patients that you are caring for to your team. Once they are added, you can access shared data in the record according to your level of privacy access.

To confirm that the patient is not already in your team, search for the patient with 'My list' selected in the ‘From’ drop down. If no record is returned check whether a record exists for that patient at all in your organisation by searching your organisation patient list.

If the patient is not returned see 'How to create a new patient record' to create a new record.

If the patient record exists in your organisation’s network you can click ‘Add to my team’ to add them.

You will then be taken to the consent screens to justify your access. Navigate through the workflow selecting the options and the level of access that is appropriate (your team defaults will be pre-selected).

You can also add a patient to your team from the patient banner by clicking on ‘Ask for access’. This will trigger the consent workflow as above.

The patient will now have been added to your team. If the patient has registered they, and any attached registered carers, will be sent an email notification of the change. Registered patients will not have to accept the invitation, as clinical institutions providing direct care to patient have implicit consent to add patients to their team with the team's default privacy label.

Emergency access

You might need temporary emergency access to a patient record. See How to access a patient record in an emergency

Access will last until you next log out. The patient is not added to your team in this case. If the patient is registered they will receive an email notification informing them about this action.