Finding the Allergies screen

Understanding the Allergies screen

Here we list all allergies that have been added to your record. The allergies most recently recorded will be listed first.

Click on an allergy to show additional information, such as all dates that the allergy was noted on and any recorded severities and reactions.

How do I add an allergy?

Click 'Add allergy' and complete the form.

How do I make changes to allergies?

Click 'Edit' or 'Delete' beside the allergy. You can only edit or delete allergies that you have entered yourself. If you have not entered the allergy but need it to be changed, please see our Reporting incorrect data page.

How do I change the privacy of my allergies?

Click on the pencil icon beside the privacy label of the allergy. Please note: Changing the privacy may result in some professionals and carers no longer being able to view the allergy.

See Privacy labels for more details on managing who can access your record.

How do I discuss an allergy?

Select one or more allergies and click 'Discuss selections'.