Patient Advisory Group - Terms of Reference

PKB Patient Advisory Group Terms of Reference  

Last updated: 27th October 2023 (Version 1.1) 


The purpose of the PKB Patient Advisory Group is to: 


The PKB Patient Advisory Group comprises invited delegates representing our patient and carer PKB user community. These delegates should be active or past Patients Know Best users.  

We are seeking users in regions with similar usage of PKB, therefore, we are initially looking for the following communities to be represented: 

The structure of the group will be reviewed after each session. There will be 8 places for patients per session. Patients will be asked to submit their interest in attending a group and PKB will rotate invitees (depending on numbers). 

Patients Know Best Product Team commits to: 

The attendees should commit to:

PKB Patient Advisory Group structure 

Meeting structure:

Role of the chair (moderator):

Question guidelines for PKB moderator or chair:

Meeting notes & recording of sessions

Notes will be taken during the PAG meetings, and these notes may be documented or published (unless deemed sensitive information) however attendee names will not be included in the notes. 

PAG meetings may also be recorded. The primary purpose of recording meetings is to facilitate learning and training. The recordings may be used to review discussions, make accurate notes or improve knowledge sharing. The recordings will only be used internally at PKB.  All participants will be advised of recording at the start of the session.

Structure of meetings