Deceased patients

How do I mark a patient as deceased via the UI?

Click ‘Edit demographics’ in the patient banner in their record and click on ‘Mark deceased.’ Enter the date of death and save.

If I mark a patient as deceased accidentally, can I undo it?

Yes, if you enter their record and click ‘Edit demographics’ in the patient banner you can click on ‘Mark not deceased.’

How is a patient marked as deceased via messages from integrated organisations?

Please see

Do a deceased patient’s credentials still work?

No - it is not possible to log into a deceased patients account with that patients credentials.

Can carers of deceased patients still access the record?

Carers can still log in and see the deceased patient’s record, however they no longer receive email notifications if anything changes within the record.

How do I know if a patient record is marked as deceased?

When you enter the patient record of a deceased patient, the patient banner will display the fact that the patient is deceased.

Is new information added to deceased patient records?

Any new data received will continue to be added to the record. However notifications are not sent for changes to deceased patients’ records.