Paediatric records

What if a child is too young to access their record?

When a child is too young to have their own email address and access to PKB, the account should be set up without an email address. A carer account can then be added to the child’s account. This allows the carer to log-in and navigate through to the child’s account. For more information on our carer functionality, please click here.

What happens when a child turns 16?

When most children turn 16 they gain the capacity to manage their PKB record and their consent must be sought over record sharing.

At age 15 and 9 months, PKB sends an email to the child, their carers and the coordinators of all teams looking after the child. The message reminds everyone of the upcoming 16th birthday and that the child should have their capacity assessed.

The default process is that PKB will automatically remove any carers' access on the child's 16th birthday.

A coordinator in any of the child's team will have the ability to override this automatic removal, for example if the child does not have capacity or the child has explicitly consented for their carers to continue to have access.

Upcoming development to change ownership at age 11

Guidance was produced by NHS England and RCGP in (December) 2015, which revised the guidance on proxy access (carers) and advised that access should be restricted by default at age 11.

PKB is aligning to the NHS England/RCGP guidance to ensure that GP's can use PKB in the same way as other online record services.

The above process will still apply but the process will begin 3 months before the child's 11th birthday, with access removed on the child's 11th birthday if no action taken.

Once this change has been implemented this help page will be updated to reflect the new age. This will also be documented in PKB's release notes. Please subscribe to our blog to keep up with all upcoming developments.

How do I add a growth chart to a paediatric record?

When you add a measurement under height or weight for a child a growth chart will automatically appear on the page for that measurement until the child is 18 years old. This allows you to see comparisons to typical growth rates help determine if the child is growing appropriately. The data are from the UK WHO growth charts.

For 24 months and below the charts appear in months.

For 2-18 years the chart appears in years.